5 Fictional Characters That Could Have Used Life Insurance

5 Fictional Characters That Could Have Used Life Insurance

1. Walt from “Breaking Bad”

If Walt from “Breaking Bad” had acquired enough life insurance, perhaps the many seasons of “Breaking Bad” would never have occurred. A comprehensive life insurance policy would have meant that Walt would have never had to worry about his family, and perhaps never broken bad to begin with.

2. Cinderella

If Cinderella’s father had, perhaps, put his estate in a trust for Cinderella, none of the bad stuff in the story would have ever happened. Her stepmother would never have been able to trust the funds, and her stepsisters would have had to make do. Of course, Cinderella might not have met her prince.

3. Harry Potter

Similar to Cinderella, if Harry Potter’s family had provided for him adequately, he never would have ended up living in a crawl space under the stairs.

4. Nancy Botwin from “Weeds”

Nancy Botwin’s issues started with the death of her husband leaving her penniless. This is a common enough issue, and can be entirely avoided with a comprehensive life insurance policy.

5. Snow White

Fairytales seem absolutely rife with orphans losing out on their inheritances, and Snow White is no exception. If more fairytale parents purchased life insurance, their kids would be protected from the machinations of their evil stepparents.

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