Are you Covered for a Fallen Tree?

Are you Covered for a Fallen Tree?

When it comes to trees and insurance, it can be confusing to figure out “Who’s responsible, and am I covered?” The good news is that most homeowners insurance policies cover damages for your home or other insured structures when a tree is felled by lightning, wind, or hail.

Who’s at fault or whose tree it is that causes the damage is irrelevant in the long run; if it causes damages to your home, you have the right to file a claim with your insurance company.

Are Trees and Insurance Really That Simple?

Well, there are situations where neighbor’s insurance companies attempt to file claims when the homeowner is negligent in properly maintaining the felled tree, particularly if the tree was dying or improperly maintained. In these situations, your homeowners insurance policy will likely cover the deductible if you are held liable for the damages.

To boot, many insurance policies will provide coverage for the costs of removing the fallen tree when damages have been incurred, which can run up to $1000 or more.

Don’t take chances – fallen trees can be costly to both you and your neighbors! For great homeowners insurance coverage rates and more information about trees and insurance in the Lombard, IL area contact Steve Wilk Insurance today.