Teen Driving: Safety & Auto Insurance in Lombard, IL

Teen Driving: Safety & Auto Insurance in Lombard, IL

Keep your teen drivers safe with these tips and auto insurance in Lombard, IL.

It can be scary letting your teen start driving! Before you let them get behind the wheel, make sure that they’re insured with auto insurance in Lombard, IL and are aware of the dangers of driving. Have a talk with your teen! Here are a few safety topics you’ll want to cover.

Put Away the Cell Phone.

Your texting can wait! Using you phone while driving, whether for texting or talking, is extremely dangerous! Research has shown that when you check your phone while on the road, you look away for 4.6 seconds. That’s like driving the distance of a football field without paying attention to the road! Whether you or your teen is driving, turn off the cell phone.

Turn on the Headlights.

Stress the importance of using your headlights. When you turn on your headlights, you’re more visible to other drivers.

Reduce Your Distractions.

Encourage your teens to focus on driving and avoid distractions. Eating, drinking, and listening to music can all cause you to loose focus when driving and increase your risk of an accident. Wait until you’ve reached your destination before you decide to get a bite to eat!

Go Slow.

Slow and steady wins the race! It’s important to follow the speed limit; it’s there for a reason. Speed safety is vital to keeping your teen safe and avoiding costly traffic tickets. In fact, speeding is one of the top reasons for teen accidents.

Strap In.

Make sure you and your teens always wear a seat belt. Whether you’re a driver or passenger, seat belts help keep you safe. Anytime you get into a vehicle, be sure to buckle up!

Fly solo.

As an inexperienced driver, driving with friends in the car is a bad idea. In fact, it’s against the law in some states for new drivers to carry passengers! When your teen is just starting out, it’s a good idea to drive alone.

Make sure your teen is extra safe with auto insurance in Lombard, IL. Contact the professionals at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency in Illinois for all your insurance needs.