Teens Are Not The Only Ones Driving While Distracted

Teens Are Not The Only Ones Driving While Distracted

Parents and Distracted Driving

Most people assume that teen drivers are the only ones on the road that can create a risky driving situation. However, older, more experienced drivers are not guilt free when it comes to following all the rules of the road. A recent study shows that many parents engage in the same risky driving behaviors as their teen drivers, including texting while driving and driving without a seat belt.

The study showed that more than 80 percent of teens reported that they witnessed their parents engaging in unsafe driving behaviors while they were in the car. More than half of the teens said that after asking their parents to change their driving habits to be safer on the road, they did. Some of the parents who did not change their habits tried to justify why they did not change.

Even though many of the parents and teens knew the risks that were associated with distracted driving, they still engaged in the behaviors. The thought that using a cell phone while behind the wheel, which is one of the most dangerous distracted driving habits, is only a problem for teen drivers is no longer the status quo. When children see their parents engaging in these behaviors, they think that they can also get away with it, which puts them and the drivers around them in a very dangerous situation.

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