Tire Maintenance Tips & Auto Insurance In Lombard, IL

Tire Maintenance Tips & Auto Insurance In Lombard, IL

Stay safe with tire maintenance tips and auto insurance in Lombard, IL!

Tires are essential to keeping your car safe on the road. Keep up your tire maintenance with these tire tips and invest in auto insurance in Lombard, IL to ensure your safety.

Have your tires inspected.

Check your tires to make sure that there isn’t any damage. You’d be surprised by how often drivers don’t realize that they have a tire problem until it’s too late. Keep an eye on them and make sure to have them inspected and rotated by a professional every few months.

Air pressure is important.

Make sure your tire pressure is just right. Too much air and you’ll increase the risk of popping a tire, too little and your tires may over heat. Be sure to check your tire pressure frequently to ensure that your tire pressure is just right.

Drive within the speed limit.

Speed limits are posted for a reason. Not only do speed limits help reduce accidents, they help protect your tires. High speeds can damage your tires. Friction from the road causes your tires to heat, especially at high speeds. Fast driving can also cause tire air loss, and even cause your tires to blow. Drive at safe speeds to keep your tires in good condition longer.

Conduct a penny test.

Tire traction is important. Bald tires have worn traction which increases your risk of an accident. To ensure that your tire traction is adequate conduct a penny test. Take a penny and put it in the grooves of each tire. If you can see Lincoln’s head, then your tire traction is about 2/32 and you need new tires.

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