Insuring Your Business for an Interruption in Service

An interruption in your day-to-day business operations can eat away all your profits. If your business isn’t open, you won’t be able to generate the revenue you need to move forward. However, there are insurance policies available that will help you get through an interruption in your business. These policies are designed to help you Read More

4 Ways in Which Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

Exercise is essential for good health, but it does more than strengthen the body and improve circulation. Regular exercise also helps improve mental clarity and can even help you fight depression. While many people only associate exercise with physical health and well-being, studies have proven without a doubt that it also improves mental and emotional Read More

Getting Health Insurance After The Policy Owner Passes Away

When your spouse passes away, you have several important things to take care of both personally and professionally. One of those things is making sure your health insurance coverage stays in place. Under normal circumstances, if you are a dependent, you would not be able to adjust your health insurance cover. There are, however, qualifying Read More