Employee Health Benefits: Questions you Should be Asking

You may be interviewing for a new position. This is a perfect time to ask any questions that are important to you, such as employee health benefits questions, especially if you have a family or a situation where the benefits are very important to you. It’s crucial to find out prior to you accepting the Read More

Create Your Own Home Inventory Checklist

When deciding to retain or upgrade insurance for your home, one of the most important things you can have is an accurate home inventory checklist. Why is this important? With a home inventory, you can see everything that you own in one place which makes it easier in the event you need to use your Read More

Grilling Season is Here: Tips for Safe Grilling

Grilling season is here and as the frequency of barbecuing increases, so do the number of grill related fires, injuries and accidents. To keep your home, family and friends safe this year, follow these simple grilling safety tips: Only use the grill outdoors, in an area with plenty of ventilation. When in use, the grill Read More

Are you Covered for a Fallen Tree?

When it comes to trees and insurance, it can be confusing to figure out “Who’s responsible, and am I covered?” The good news is that most homeowners insurance policies cover damages for your home or other insured structures when a tree is felled by lightning, wind, or hail. Who’s at fault or whose tree it Read More

Have a Sparkling 4th of July!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. Start making plans today on what to do for Fourth of July this year. In Lombard, Illinois there are a number of things that you can do this year to celebrate the holiday. In addition to picnics in the park with family and friends or grilling Read More

Remodeling your Home? Find out what that means for your homeowners insurance

Remodeling your home can be a very exciting time! You’ve finally decided to do that addition or complete those improvements you’ve been talking about forever. You need to remember that when making home improvements, your homeowners insurance needs to be taken into account. How does remodeling your home affect insurance, if at all? Well, when Read More

Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer prevention is an important part of staying healthy in sunnier climates. It is also important for people who live in cloudier or cooler climates to not neglect their skin just because their exposure seems minimal. Taking some simple steps can help protect your skin and your overall health. 1. Wear sunscreen. Use sunscreen Read More