Types of Insurance Coverage You Need for Your Business

Owning a business involves making sure you have the right type of insurance to protect your investment. Service-based businesses and home-based businesses also require specific types of coverage that will protect you if certain events occur. There are several types of business insurance you should have to make sure you are fully covered no matter Read More

Understanding the Extent of Your Business Owner’s Policy?

Owning a business involves a lot of responsibility. Part of that responsibility is having enough insurance coverage to protect your company and your business. Understanding what your business owner’s policy covers and what it doesn’t is extremely important. It will also ensure that you get the right policy for your exact needs. Before you purchase Read More

What Questions to Ask About Insurance before Launching an Online Store

Opening an online store will allow you to support your family and work from home. You can set your working hours and manage almost every aspect of your business from a device that supports a Wi-Fi connection. An online store must deal with potential risks just like a real business. This is why it is Read More

Protect Your Small Business with These Email Security Tips

A company can get a lot of emails every day, and some of them can be phishing emails that pose a high risk to the overall security of your business. Phishing emails can sometimes hack your sensitive business information and cost you more. To protect your business from such threats, make sure to secure your Read More

Things You Need to Know About Startup Business Insurance

Even if you are just a startup, you need business insurance to recover from any potential crisis and get back on your feet. It will help you stay afloat as you work towards building a full-fledged company and develop a scalable business model. What Kind of Business Insurance Do You Need? It is important to Read More

Essential Commercial Insurance Questions to Ask Your Agent

Ask your insurance agent about your business coverage. As a business owner, you are responsible for protecting your company, employees, customers, and other involved parties.  This is why it’s so important to have the right business insurance in place.  Not sure how to secure the right commercial coverage?  Then work with a trusted insurance agent Read More

What Business Owners Need to Ask About Their Insurance

Don’t get left in the dark when it comes to your business insurance. While the world of business is often unpredictable, your business insurance shouldn’t be.  Unfortunately, many business owners do not take the time to read through and truly understand their policies.  This leaves them confused and frustrated when they find out that their Read More

What Differentiates Personal and Auto Insurance Policies?

What makes commercial auto insurance different from personal policies? If your business owns company vehicles, then you need to protect these assets with comprehensive commercial auto insurance.  But what makes this form of auto insurance different than the personal car insurance you and your employees carry?  Here’s what you need to know about the coverage Read More