4 Advantages of Having Individual Health Insurance

Health insurance ensures that you get the medical attention you need if and when you are sick. There are advantages to having an individual health insurance policy customized to your specific needs. Buying a policy on your own will allow you to cover events that are excluded under a group policy. The following are four Read More

Understanding Your Health Insurance Policy: What You Need to Know

Most people tend to get lost when they start reading their health insurance policies. Even if the terminology doesn’t confuse them, the talk of premiums, deductibles, and copays will. Understanding what is covered and what is not can be confusing. Do you really need more than one policy to make sure you are fully covered? Read More

Getting Health Insurance After The Policy Owner Passes Away

When your spouse passes away, you have several important things to take care of both personally and professionally. One of those things is making sure your health insurance coverage stays in place. Under normal circumstances, if you are a dependent, you would not be able to adjust your health insurance cover. There are, however, qualifying Read More

The Importance of Health Insurance for Families with Small Children

Children and adults both thrive when they get the medical attention they need. Families with small children face many challenges when they don’t have appropriate health insurance. Also, it has been proven that families under the low-income classification have healthier children when they have access to quality medical care. It also helps children establish lifelong Read More

Health Insurance Policy Now Costs Way Less If You’re Buying It Yourself

With several companies reducing the amount of health insurance they offer their employees, many people are looking to the marketplace to find a good policy that won’t break their budget. Things have been changing and now, due to new subsidies, people are finding quality health insurance policies for much less than have ever been found Read More

Know Your Options When It Comes to Health Insurance During COVID-19

Health insurance is something everyone needs, but it may be difficult to afford. COVID-19 has made it difficult to not only afford coverage but to also find a policy you can rely on to provide the coverage you need. Talking with a reputable insurance agent will make both tasks much easier to help identify your Read More

All You Need to Know About the Medicare Advantage Plan

Have you heard of the Medicare Advantage Plan? Could this Medicare plan benefit you? Find out in this article about the benefits and drawbacks. The Medicare Advantage Plan is an all-in-one alternative to the original Medicare plans. Private insurers who offer these plans contract with the federal government to provide health insurance benefits to people Read More

3 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most sought-after coverages in the U.S. In 2019, more than 90% of Americans had health insurance coverage, as indicated in the 2019 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) survey. However, choosing the right policy for your needs can be difficult, and therefore, you should ask questions about health care Read More