Important Facts You Should Understand about Your Homeowners Insurance

While homeowners insurance isn’t mandatory, having it ensures you can recover your home and personal belongings if damaged or lost in a covered peril. Still, mortgage companies won’t lend to you if you don’t have this coverage. Here are some important facts you should understand about homeowners insurance. How Much Home Insurance Coverage Do You Read More

What Losses are Included in Standard Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

The main purpose of having a homeowners policy is to cover damage to your dwelling, both inside and outside. Covered perils include fire, smoke, lightning, explosion, windstorm, and hail. If your house is damaged by any of the covered hazards, the policy will take care of the cost to repair or even rebuild it from Read More

How Much Homeowners Insurance Do You Need?

Does your homeowners insurance cover the mortgage, repairs, and rebuild? If not, you need to prevent underinsuring your home. Many do not have homeowners insurance coverage that caters to damage due to disaster. There are chances that if your home was destroyed tomorrow, your insurance company would only pay for part of it. According to Read More