Dental Implants and Medicare: Understanding Coverage Options

In healthcare coverage, “Medicare” is often associated with a safety net for seniors, providing essential medical benefits. However, when it comes to dental care, a significant question looms large: Does Medicare cover dental implants? Let’s delve into the nuances of this query to unravel the complexities of dental coverage under Medicare. Medicare, the federal health Read More

3 Ways to Discuss Life Insurance with Your Family

Bringing up life insurance with your family isn’t always easy. Most don’t want to talk about it because they may think it is tempting fate, and others can find it depressing. The goal is to find ways to start a discussion that doesn’t foretell doom and gloom. It’s easy to start talking about things and Read More

Do You Really Need an Insurance Agent?

Buying insurance isn’t a complicated process. With today’s technology, you can buy direct from the provider. You also have the option to purchase from an insurance broker or agent. Each choice has pros and cons, so you need to look at them objectively. Take a few minutes to investigate your options. It’s time well spent Read More

Professional Liability Vs. Errors and Omissions Insurance: What You Need to Know

Professional liability and Errors and Omissions insurance tend to cover the same types of claims. They are designed to protect your business if a mistake costs your customer to lose money or become injured. Lawsuits are often filed when you do not fulfill your obligations in any way. This includes being accused of professional negligence Read More

The Basics of Commercial Truck Insurance: What You Need to Know

Commercial truck insurance is a must if you own vehicles that are driven by your employees or are used to conduct the day-to-day operations of your business. There are different types of coverage that must be considered when purchasing commercial truck insurance. It’s important to identify as many areas of risk as possible to know Read More

Reasons Why You Should Consider a Year-end Insurance Policy Review

Have you kicked off your year-end insurance policy review yet? Any changes that occurred in your personal, professional, or financial life over the past 12 months may warrant it. There might be coverage gaps that need closing or opportunities to save on your insurance costs. Even if you don’t have to make any changes to Read More