Why Single People Might Need Life Insurance

Situations in which a single person might need life insurance. While most people only think about life insurance for married couples or new families, there are some benefits to carrying life insurance when you are young and single.  Here are some of the circumstances in which a single person might need life insurance. You Have Read More

Avoid These Common Life Insurance Mistakes

Don’t make these mistakes with your life insurance. Because many adults know that they need life insurance, some rush into decisions without learning more about the coverage.  As a result, they make costly mistakes.  To ensure that you don’t make missteps with your coverage, here are some of the common issues to avoid. Selecting the Read More

Life Insurance for Freelancers

How self-employed individuals can secure the right life insurance. Whether you call yourself a freelancer, a contractor, or self-employed, the crux of the matter is that you are branching out on your own.  While you are working independently, this does not mean that you are alone in your personal life.  If you have a family Read More

Is There a Catch to No-Exam Life Insurance?

Should you try to secure life insurance with no medical exam requirements? While most adults understand the importance of having life insurance, research shows that almost half of Americans do not carry this coverage.  While there are many excuses that people give for not having coverage, one of the most common is an unwillingness to Read More

Can You Secure Life Insurance and Long-Term Care Coverage Together?

Learn about combination policies and the benefits that they offer. When it comes to life insurance, policyholders are guaranteed a return.  However, the same cannot be said about long-term care insurance.  Because you may not actually need long-term care coverage during your lifetime, many people are hesitant to secure a policy.  However, if you do Read More

Why Your Family Needs the Protection Offered by Permanent Life Insurance

Here’s why permanent life insurance is right for you. When it comes time to select a life insurance policy, many people go for term life because it is the cheaper, more straightforward coverage option.  However, there are some distinct benefits to securing a permanent life insurance policy.  Here’s why you should consider the protection offered Read More

Why Women Should Invest in Life Insurance

Top life insurance benefits for women. While most adults recognize the importance of having life insurance coverage, you may be surprised to learn that only 56% of women have a policy. This is 10% less than their male counterparts.  Not only do fewer women have life insurance policies, but the women who do have this Read More

How Your Age Affects Your Life Insurance

Why your age is important when it comes to life insurance. When you go to secure life insurance, the insurance company will take various personal factors into account.  One of the major things that they will consider is your age.  But why is age so important when it comes with life insurance?  Here’s what you Read More