Common Driving Distractions You Need to Stop, NOW!

Common Driving Distractions You Need to Stop, NOW!

Three factors are involved in driving distractions. Visual distractions take your eyes away from the road and manual distractions take your hands off the wheel. Cognitive distractions take your thoughts away from driving. By now, all drivers should be aware that texting while driving involves all three driving distractions, even if only for a second. Unfortunately, drivers do many other things that can lead to serious accidents.

Safe Driving Tips

Eating and driving is not advisable. Spilling food, especially when hot, will distract you. Even a cup of coffee can present a problem. You should also consider what might happen if you were to choke on your food.

Avoid fiddling with radio stations or CDs. Wait until you are safely stopped. Save the make up and hair brushing for a rest stop, better yet, do this at home. Don’t read while driving, even looking at a map takes your eyes off the road. Plan your trip in advance and pull over if you get lost.

If you have passengers, avoid getting into heavy discussions with them. Absolutely avoid arguments; this can be extremely distracting. If your children are acting up, pull over and deal with it.

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