Best Tips to Make Your Teen a Safe Driver

Best Tips to Make Your Teen a Safe Driver

Teen drivers learn by watching you. Always set a good example when your teen rides with you. Safe driving habits are easily learned if they observe them in those they ride with. When they finally get behind the wheel on their own, set a few solid rules for them to follow. Monitor their driving habits and ride with them as much as you can.

Seatbelts for Everyone in the Car

A great way to ensure safe driving for teens is by using a seat belt. Even passengers on the back seat, especially teenagers should wear one. As a parent, make it a point to always wear a seat belt because then, your kids would generally follow by your example and wear it too. Seatbelts reduce the risk of death and critical injuries in a crash.

Avoid Distractions

Get your teen in the habit of putting their phone out of reach while they drive. This eliminates the opportunity to text and drive. Encourage them to avoid messing with the radio until they have come to a full stop. Make sure your teen secures their possessions so they aren’t easily accessible while they are driving.

Limit Passengers to One

One of the biggest distractions for a teen driver is having other teens in the vehicle. Of all the safe driving tips for teenagers, one of the most common is to limit the number of passengers that your child can take with them at any given time. Fewer passengers mean fewer distractions. Limit the number to one and your teen will be able to concentrate on the road.

Ride With Them Often

You are your child’s best teacher. Teach them by example and ride with them often. Provide guidance when needed and encouragement when they practice safe habits. If you want a safe teenage driver, you have to provide them with the support and guidance they need. Riding with them as often as you can, will allow you to do that.

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