Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day to Get You into the Spirit of the Holiday

Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day to Get You into the Spirit of the Holiday

Find out all about these fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day as you get ready to celebrate.

It’s time to get decked out in green and look for your pot of gold. It’s time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. We celebrate this Irish tradition every year, but how much do you really know about St. Patrick’s Day? Check out these St. Patrick’s Day fun facts.

The Original Color of St. Patrick’s Day Was Blue.

When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, you think of wearing lots of green. However, that’s not the original color associated with St. Patrick. The original color was blue. However, it likely changed to green in the 18th century when green became popular to support the cause for Irish independence.

Corned Beef and Cabbage is More of an American Invention.

When it came to celebrating the feast of St. Patrick, the Irish would have a big feast. However, when immigrants came to the US, a traditional ham was more expensive than other options. While corned beef was eaten in Ireland, it wasn’t as popular as ham. Instead, it’s said that the Irish immigrants in New York’s lower east side used corned beef from their Jewish neighbors as a cheaper alternative.

St. Patrick was Roman.

St. Patrick has long been associated with Ireland. However, even though he was born in England, he was a citizen of the Roman empire. His history with Ireland has been a long one – he was originally brought to Ireland as a prisoner. However, he escaped, returned to England, and then went back to Ireland as a missionary.

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