Halloween Safety Tips for a Fun Halloween Evening!

Halloween Safety Tips for a Fun Halloween Evening!

To most children, Halloween is a holiday that ranks right up there with Christmas and Easter thanks to the candy that’s given out by the handful during these holidays. However, going around the neighborhood at night and asking for candy poses some concerns for parents. Here are three Halloween safety tips for trick-or-treating in Lombard, IL:

Plan your route ahead of time.

Taking a little time to pre-plan a route allows you to make sure you know where you’re going and you can decide which houses to hit up (the sweet elderly couple that hand out full-size candy bars!) and which ones to skip (the houses where you seldom see people or have never met them). 

Incorporate reflective tape or gear into the costume.

If your kids are older and will be going out all alone, it’s essential that they have plenty of lighting so they can see and be seen. Also, make sure they take flashlights.

Screen the candy.

If there’s one rule you make about Halloween candy consumption, make it this one: No candy is consumed until it passes the parents’ inspection. Check candy for open wrappers or ones that look like they’ve been tampered with. If in doubt, toss it out. It’s far cheaper and easier to buy your kids a new bag of Halloween candy than to take them to the hospital if they get sick off a bad piece. 
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