Homeowners Insurance Fire Tips For The Holidays

Homeowners Insurance Fire Tips For The Holidays

Your homeowners insurance Lombard IL policy will help to protect you in case of a home fire during the holidays.

Holiday decorations are a great way to add a little more holiday cheer to your life. Unfortunately, they can also increase your chances of dealing with a holiday fire. Knowing your how to prevent a fire and how much coverage your Lombard, IL homeowners insurance policy will provide will help to give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

To help prevent a home fire this holiday season, follow these tips.

  • All decorations, including candles and Christmas trees, should be placed at least three feet away from any heat sources like portable heaters, fireplaces, heat vents, and radiators.
  • If buying an artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant. If buying a real tree, make sure it is fresh and keep it well watered to reduce the chance of a fire.
  • Ensure that all lights and other decorations are in good condition. Never use any electrical decorations that have damaged or frayed electrical cords. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before hanging up the decorations.
  • Before you leave your house or go to bed at the end of the night, turn off all lights and extinguish all candles.
  • Never use candles to decorate a tree, even if it is an artificial tree. If you like the look of candles in trees, use flameless candles.
  • Keep all flammable items, including oven mitts, pot holders, food packaging, wooden utensils, and towels away from your stovetop while you are cooking.
  • Check to ensure all of your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly. Replace any alarms that are outdated or broken to stay safe.

Having the right homeowners insurance in Lombard, IL can help to keep you safe this holiday season and all year round. Contact Steve Wilk Insurance for all of your Illinois home insurance need to give you the protection you need.