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We know that your home is one of your most important investments and your family’s refuge from the storms of life. As a result, we offer consultative, comprehensive, and considerate services so you can easily and effectively protect your home.

Want more convenience and more protection? We can deliver with a personal package. With a single policy (meaning a single bill), you can cover your cars, home, and more. We’ll customize your policy to help you protect what matters most.

With a single policy, you can protect the structure of your home, cover your liability, and insure the majority of your personal property. With endorsements, your homeowners insurance policy can even be used to cover your home office and your valuables.

Your condominium association has likely already insured the exterior of your condo, but are you covered from the walls in? You need condo insurance to protect the interior of your condo and the property you store in it. Your condo owners’ policy will also cover your liability.

If you’re not living in a residence but have maintained ownership, you don’t need a full homeowners insurance policy. A much more cost-effective solution to protect your property is dwelling fire insurance, which will cover your building but leave off the coverage you don’t need if you’re not inhabiting the building.

All fifty states—even landlocked ones without major bodies of water—have experienced floods in the last five years. If you think you don’t need flood insurance, think again. It’s important that you talk to your agent about your specific risk for flooding and get a flood insurance policy if your home is exposed to this natural disaster.

If you work out of your home, you’re not alone. If you haven’t insured your home-based business, you’re also unfortunately not alone. Don’t be left without the coverage your business needs! Your homeowners insurance policy won’t protect your commercial ventures, but we can show you your options for protecting your hard work.

What if you find yourself facing a lawsuit that extends past your homeowners or auto insurance policy limits? You could face financial devastation, or you could call on your personal umbrella policy. This type of coverage offers you $1 million of liability coverage or more over your existing liability limits.

You can’t rely on your landlord’s insurance for your building to protect your personal property or your liability. You need your own renters insurance policy for this kind of protection. This type of affordable coverage will safeguard your belongings and defend you against a lawsuit you while you rent.

Your standard homeowners insurance policy likely won’t have enough coverage for your valuables. Fortunately, you can individually schedule your prized property in, offering dedicated coverage and higher policy limits to your collectibles, jewelry, art, furs, and more.

They call it “the big day” for a reason. You’ve invested countless hours and a significant sum of money in your wedding, so it can be devastating in more ways than one to have something go wrong. Fortunately, your wedding insurance can cover the cost of hiring a last minute vendor if yours drops off, rescheduling due to weather hazards, reshooting your pictures, and more.

This type of theft is a serious threat to your financial wellbeing. A single instance of identity theft could drain your savings and wrack up debt in your name. If you have identity theft insurance, though, you’ll be protected against this kind of financial burden.

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