How Does Workers’ Compensation Impact Remote Employees?

How Does Workers’ Compensation Impact Remote Employees?

Research shows that there has been a change in the workforce over the last five years. Many companies are allowing their employees to work from home regularly. Having remote employees is a unique variable for company owners to assess when choosing a workers’ compensation policy. As a business owner, remember that workers’ compensation coverage is still required for remote workers. Workers’ compensation protects your business if there is an injury in the workplace. The policy covers the injured employees’ medical treatment and lost wages along with offering disability benefits.

Many workers’ comp policies also include liability insurance. This provides a layer of protection if your employees sue for damages. Employer’s liability insurance covers your legal fees. If one of your employees is injured at home while completing work-related tasks, they are entitled to workers’ comp benefits. It’s recommended that you ask your remote employees to notify you of any work-related injuries as soon as possible so that you can document the incident and file a claim. Sometimes, you’ll also have to report the incident to the workers’ comp board. Here’s a closer look at the process of finding workers comp for remote employees.

Common Tips to Help Reduce Remote Workers’ Comp Claims

  • Home Safety Checklist

    You should set up a home safety checklist for your employees to follow. Ask your employees to avoid working in areas with poor lighting, loose cords, or highly strung electrical outlets. Reducing clutter in the work environment can also help eliminate potential risks.

  • Transparency Regarding Job Duties

    Always maintain full transparency with your employees regarding their duties and scheduled meetings. Establish a system for tracking hours virtually. Try to ensure that your employees follow a schedule and work in an area with proper lighting and equipment. Also, establish a virtual private network for your remote employees to use while working and install antivirus software to help prevent a cyberattack. Purchasing cyber liability insurance is also recommended.

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Your remote employees are essential to the success of your business, and protecting their rights through workers’ comp insurance can prevent future problems. If you have questions about offering workers’ compensation to remote employees, contact our team at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency, and we will assist you.

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