How Homeowners Insurance Will Work While You Are Moving

How Homeowners Insurance Will Work While You Are Moving

Moving is often a hectic and very stressful time for everyone in the family. Hiring a moving company can relieve some of the stress of moving, but it can lead to new worries about whether or not your possessions will be in good hands during the move. You will need to look through the moving agreement you sign with the moving company to determine what their insurance company will cover if an accident should happen.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My Possessions While I’m Moving?

Your homeowners’ insurance will cover your possessions while you are moving from one home to the next. They will be covered for many of the same events they would have been covered for while in your home. This includes malicious mischief, vandalism, theft, smoke, and fire, to name a few. It will also cover some forms of water damage.

Does a Moving Company’s Business Insurance Cover Anything?

A moving company carries insurance for specific circumstances and any damage they may be responsible for during the move. They offer full value protection, separate liability coverage, and released value protection that works with your homeowners’ insurance policy to ensure that all of your items are sufficiently covered. 

When You Move on Your Own

You also have the option to move on your own. While this places the stress and frustration related to moving on your shoulders, it allows you to control your level of risk. It also ensures that your insurance will continue to cover all of your items while you are moving them from home to home. You will also be packing your items in a way that you are most comfortable with.

Making sure your possessions are protected while they are being moved from home to home is very important. If you have any concerns about what your homeowners’ policy will cover, talk to our experts at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency. Our new office is located at 310 S Main Street, Suite C, Lombard, IL 60148.