How to Stay Informed Without Compromising Your Mental Health

How to Stay Informed Without Compromising Your Mental Health

Ever since the COVID- 19 outbreak, we are surrounded by negative news. Whether you watch TV or scroll through your social media feed, there’s a high chance of exposing yourself to high levels of anxiety and stress through the news.

Here are 4 ways to protect your mental health while still staying informed:

1. Pay Attention to Your Triggers

When you’re watching the news, you may not even be aware of its effects on your emotions. Look closely at how your body reacts after reading a headline and the first thoughts that pop into your head. If you notice a spike in your anxiety levels with each notification on your phone, it is better to turn off your news alerts.

2. Schedule a Break from the News

Try to take a break from all forms of media for some time in a day. It could be a one-hour window to focus on yourself and indulge in some self-care. You may even consider uninstalling your news apps if you find yourself reaching out for them frequently.

3. Try to Get Good News

While it is true that we are living in uncertain times, some good things are also happening in the world. News and mental health work together – and just like negative stories can trigger your anxiety, getting good news can have positive effects. A few websites are committed to sharing only positive stories and, in the process, bring diverse content to you.

4. Maintain a Journal

The news about mental health suggests that more and more people are internalizing stress and negativity. To reduce your anxiety, maintain a journal where you can write down what’s bothering you. Penning your worries down will help you separate the feelings from your thoughts and calm down.

When it comes to mental health, news channels and headlines can aggravate the problem. Taking care of yourself will go a long way in keeping your anxiety in check. For any health insurance problems, contact Nick Agliato ( at Steve Wilk Insurance. Check out our new office at 310 S Main Street, Suite C, Lombard, IL 60148.