Workers Compensation Insurance 101

Workers Compensation Insurance 101

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is required by law for all employers to obtain. Since accidents are inevitable, each employer must obtain a workers’ compensation policy to protect their employees. In the event that an employee is injured, they will receive benefits for any pain and suffering. The injured employee’s medical expenses will be paid through the workers’ compensation policy and they will also receive replacement income for the time that they are unable to work.

Workers’ Compensation Does Cover:

  • Any work related injuries or illnesses.
  • Any work related injuries or illnesses that occur at a different location other than the actual job site, but while the employee is on duty. This includes if you are visiting a client’s office and are injured in the process.
  • Any injuries, no matter who is at fault.

Workers’ Compensation Does NOT Cover:

  • Any injuries that occur when the individual is intoxicated with drugs or alcohol
  • Any self-inflicted injuries
  • Any injuries that are in result of a fight initiated by the employee
  • Any injuries that are in result of horseplay
  • Any injuries that are in result of violating any company policy
  • Any felony-related injuries
  • Any injuries suffered off the job
  • Any injuries that are claimed after the employee is terminated
  • Any injuries to independent contractors

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of all of your employees. To avoid workers’ compensation claims, be sure to post safety notices around the workplace. It is also important to provide each employee with their workers’ compensation rights upon hiring. This will prevent any future issues.

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