Is Your Rental Car Covered Domestically or Abroad?

Is Your Rental Car Covered Domestically or Abroad?

If you’re about to take a trip to another country or simply another state, you may be wondering whether your rental cars will be covered by your current auto insurance policy. Not only is using a rental car without insurance coverage dangerous, but you may also be denied a rental car in certain locations if you don’t have the appropriate levels of coverage.

Is Your Rental Car Covered for Domestic Travel?

In most cases, you will be insured for a rental car domestically, but the only way of knowing for sure is to contact your auto insurance company. Credit card companies and travel insurance may or may not include car rentals; it completely depends on the type of coverage you have.

Is Your Rental Car Covered for Travel to Other Countries?

Abroad, it’s unlikely that your insurance plan covers you. Some plans will cover Canada, but most insurance policies don’t automatically cover other countries. You should call either the rental car company or your insurance company for more information. 

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