Keep Up Your Exercise Routine this Autumn

Keep Up Your Exercise Routine this Autumn

Learn how you can stay motivated this fall.

When the weather gets colder, it can be harder and harder to get out of the bed and hit the gym.  However, don’t let the dropping leaves lead to a drop in your activity levels.  Stay dedicated to your health this season and follow this advice to keep up your exercise regime this autumn.

Find Workout Alternatives

While you may have been an avid runner, hiker, or biker this summer, more extreme weather conditions might make these pursuits difficult and even unsafe.  To transition into fall, find some new exercise routines to replace outdoor activities.  For instance, you can swap out hiking for the elliptical or biking for a couple of hours on the stationary bike.  While these alternatives may not satisfy the outdoorsman or woman in you, they can help you maintain your health.

Find Ways to Exercise at Home

Another way to stay motivated is to find ways to work out around your house.  As the holidays draw near, it can get harder and harder to make time for the gym.  A great way to squeeze in a quick workout is to exercise at home.  Do yoga in your living room, follow a Pilates tutorial on YouTube, or simply do some weights and core exercises while you’re binge watching your favorite show.  Finding new ways to maintain your exercise regime at home can help you stay healthy this fall.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

If you aren’t as active during the fall as you were during the summer, don’t be too hard on yourself.  Beating yourself up can be discouraging and can cause you to stop working out altogether.  It’s important to realize that you’re only human and that things will fall through the cracks from time to time.  View your failures constructively and use them to motivate you more.  If you missed the gym twice last week, use that disappointment to fuel yourself in the weeks to come.  Mistakes are okay as long as you keep learning from them.

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