Lights, Camera, Safety: How Landscaping Can Protect Your Home from Burglars

Lights, Camera, Safety: How Landscaping Can Protect Your Home from Burglars

Does your home — unintentionally — put out a welcome mat for robbers? Experts say that burglars look for similar things when they select a house to rob, including:

1) No obvious security system
2) Secluded access or dark areas where they can work to break in
3) Appearance that no one is home
4) A good chance to get in and out quickly, without being noticed

Your landscaping and lighting can make your home less welcoming to thieves. Here’s some tips.

1. Prune bushes and hedges so that burglars cannot hide behind them.
2. Install lighting to reduce dark spaces, especially near windows and on porches.
3. Add a security system with cameras
4. Use automatic timers on lights and radios, to create the illusion someone is home when you’re away.
5. Keep your landscape, especially your lawn, well-tended. It can pay to hire a service to do this when you travel.
6. Plant thorn bushes around first floor windows, making it uncomfortable to stand near them.
7. Install gravel along paths and under windows. The crunchy sound can deter thieves from walking on the stones, as that could attract attention.
8. Ask your local police if they will survey your house and yard, to share any theft prevention tips.

No home safety feature is foolproof. Make sure your homeowners insurance will meet your needs if you are robbed. To learn more about your insurance options in Lombard, Illinois and surrounding communities, contact the Steve Wilk Insurance Agency.