Have A Safe And Happy New Year!

Have A Safe And Happy New Year!

Safety Tips For The New Year

New Year’s is just around the corner and that means planning for celebrations has begun. Hosting parties, attending festivities, counting down to the New Year, and watching the ball drop are probably on your mind as 2014 draws to a close. As you prepare to celebrate, keep these safety tips in mind to make sure that the New Year gets a safe start.

Drinking: If you plan on drinking during your New Year’s celebrations there are some safety measures you should take.

  • Never, under any circumstances, set your drink down or leave it unattended. Keep your drink with you or give it to a friend to hold for you if you must leave your drink. This is especially important for parties where you do not know many people. Keeping a close eye on your drink prevents someone from tampering with it in any way.
  • Eat starchy foods and alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. This will keep you hydrated and it will slow the absorption of alcohol into your system so that you do not get too out of hand.

Driving: If you plan on driving on New Year’s Eve, you should be extremely careful. These tips should keep you safer on the road.

  • Any holiday means there are more people on the road, which can make driving more dangerous. You cannot control other drivers on the road, but being aware of your surroundings when driving is a great way to prevent accidents.
  • Avoid drinking and driving by having a designated driver or hiring a taxi service. No matter how you feel, alcohol impairs your ability to drive, so it is not a good idea regardless of how many drinks you have had. Also, do not get into the car of someone who has been drinking, it is just as dangerous as you drinking and driving.

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