Best Methods to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy?

Best Methods to Find a Lost Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance policies can be purchased from many different sources. Employers, banks, insurance agents, and organizations all offer life insurance policies to their members. Over time, policies can be lost in the shuffle of documents that people collect over the years. If you are looking for a lost life insurance policy, this article discusses a few steps you can take.

Collect Insurance Related Documents

When you are going through your loved ones’ records, collect all of the insurance-related documents you can find. This will show you what agents they worked with and where they may have purchased their life insurance policies. You may find out that they have more than one life insurance in more than one place.

Talk to Previous Employers

Previous employers may be the best place to start looking for an old life insurance policy. They will have much of the information you are looking for even if they don’t have a copy of the original life insurance policy. They may also be able to provide information on the insurance company that offered the policy.

Look at Bank Statements

Bank statements hold a wealth of information, especially when it comes to finding out where a person spends their money. If premiums for a life insurance policy were withdrawn from your bank accounts, a record of each transaction could be found in the bank statements for the account. You can also ask the bank if a life insurance policy was offered by them to protect a mortgage or other type of loan. Banks will often provide life insurance as one of their perks for opening an account.

Get in Touch with State Insurance Departments and Unclaimed Property Offices

If you have checked in all of the more common places, you may want to contact the State Insurance Department as well as the Unclaimed Property Office in your state. Any unclaimed money or life insurance policy not cashed in or picked up will eventually find its way to one of these offices. No matter how old the policy is, the State Insurance Department will most likely have a copy of it.

There are ways to find lost documents, including life insurance policies. Following the paper trail may be a little difficult initially, but once you get started, it will go quickly. Call our insurance professionals at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency today to find out how they can help you uncover your lost insurance policies.

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