Do I Need to File a Police Report?

Do I Need to File a Police Report?

Learn why you should file a police report following an auto accident and find out how this report will help you with your insurance claim.

If you have gotten into a car accident, it might be tempting to forgo calling the police, especially if you have exchanged information with the other driver and both cars seem relatively okay. However, failing to file a police report could be a costly mistake, especially if you were not the driver at fault. Read on to learn why you should always file a report after getting into an auto accident.

Simply exchanging insurance information with another driver is not a safe way to ensure that you will receive compensation for your repairs. For instance, there is a chance that the other driver may give you fake information. If this is the case, you would have no way of tracking them down and you would be forced to cover the cost of your repairs on your own.

When creating an official report, the police will interview the involved motorists, speak to witnesses, and investigate the scene of the accident. This ensures that there is documentation about what really happened during the course of the accident. This will prevent the other driver from changing their story and claiming that you were the one at fault for the accident.

Additionally, having an official police report on file will come in handy during your insurance claims process. When your insurance company can reference the information included in the police report, they can verify the conditions under which the accident took place. This in turn will improve your chances of receiving the reimbursement that you need to address your car’s repairs and any injuries you might have sustained during the accident. If you forgo filing a police report, then you risk receiving lower insurance payout or not getting coverage at all.

This is why you should always file a police report after getting into an auto accident.  Do you have further questions regarding your car insurance?  Then contact the experts at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency for assistance.  Located in Illinois, check out our new office at 310 S Main Street, Suite C, Lombard, IL 60148.