Be Sure To Pick The Right Health Insurance For Your Small Business

Be Sure To Pick The Right Health Insurance For Your Small Business

Get health insurance for your small business!

Health insurance is a vital aspect to staying healthy. If you get sick, it allows you to get the medical attention that you need at an affordable cost. In fact, health insurance is required by law for all US citizens under the Affordable Care Act. As an employer, offering health insurance to your employees can make a huge difference. If your business has more than 50 full-time employees, you’re required to offer health benefits to your employees. However, determining which policies to pick can be difficult. Ensure that you provide health insurance for your small business, and be sure to check out how to buy the right health insurance policies.

There are four different categories of health insurance plans. Each plan covers the same essential health benefits. However, they differ in the amount that the employee pays for benefits. Check out these plans:

Bronze Plan:

This plan is the base healthcare plan. As the employer, you cover 60 percent of the plan while your employees are responsible for the other 40 percent.

Silver Plan:

This plan offers moderate coverage. Employers pay for 70 percent of coverage, while employees pay for 30 percent.

Gold Plan:

This plan offers a little more coverage. The majority of coverage is paid by the employer with 80 percent of the bill. The remaining 20 percent is covered by the employee.

Platinum Plan:

This plan is the top healthcare plan. Through this plan, the employer pays for most of the plan’s coverage. The employer pays 90 percent of the total care costs, while the employee covers 10 percent of the costs.

Determine which policy works best for your small business, and then offer the policies to your employees. Be sure that you get health insurance for your small business. Contact the professionals at Steve Wilk Insurance Agency for assistance finding the best insurance for your lifestyle. Located in Lombard, Illinois, we serve all your personal and commercial insurance needs.