Can You Rent an Office Without Business Insurance?

Can You Rent an Office Without Business Insurance?

When running a business, you have to consider various unpredictable and unseen circumstances in the picture before drafting a complete plan for your organization. While doing so, you cannot possibly miss business insurance, especially when renting an office space.

The right business insurance will protect your business property against liability, and financial losses in case of certain events or mishaps. A few of the reasons to have a business insurance policy when you are considering to rent an office space are as follows:

  1. Your landlord may require it: Before they give you a lease or let you move in, many commercial landlords demand proof of insurance. Generally, they will need you to have a commercial general liability policy to cover the potential damages to the building or the property of other tenants. Such policy usually covers theft caused by people invited to the building by the landlord.

  2. Protects your belongings: Do you know the landlord’s insurance coverage covers the physical structure but not your business property? If you add property coverage to the business insurance policy, you can protect yourself against theft and accidental damage.

  3. Accidental Damage: If a fire happens because of you or your employee, it could severely damage your business property and other businesses in the building. In such a scenario, they are liable to sue you for damages and business interruption caused by the fire.


The reasons described above must be enough to convince you to think about business insurance. However, before signing the policy, read the document carefully to ensure your total business insurance package covers anything that could happen to your space. It is also imperative to understand what building damage you may be responsible for. Landlords may require tenants to be liable for modifications to the space’s interior

Are you looking to rent out office space? Add business insurance to the list. To understand the types of coverage required for your business, speak to your agent for advice.

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