Does Your Restaurant Need Auto Insurance?

Does Your Restaurant Need Auto Insurance?

Restaurant Auto Insurance

Running a restaurant can take up most of your free time. However, it is important to make sure that you take the time to sit down and ensure that your business and employees are protected with the right insurance policies. While most restaurant owner’s do not consider auto insurance when creating their insurance portfolio, it can be one of the most vital policies to carry.

If you have any employees that use their own vehicles to make deliveries or use company cars for catering events, you need a commercial auto insurance policy. Even if you do background checks and look at the driving records of all of your employees, there is no way to predict what may go wrong on the road. Choosing the right commercial auto insurance policy can give you and your employees the peace of mind that you both deserve.

If your employees use their own vehicle for deliveries, your commercial auto insurance coverage may be a little different. Since you do not own the vehicle that they are driving, you will need to invest in a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy. Hired and non-owned auto insurance policies will provide coverage for any vehicles that your employees drive that your restaurant does not own, including any vehicles that you rent.

Relying on your personal auto insurance policy, and the policies of your employees can mean serious financial trouble for your restaurant. If an employee is in an accident while driving for work, their personal auto insurance policy will most likely deny the claim. Your employee may then choose to sue you for the damages, which could make a serious dent in your bank account.

To ensure that your business is protected with the right restaurant auto insurance policy, contact Steve Wilk Insurance Agency in Lombard, Illinois.