Save This Date – Preparing for Open Enrollment 2015

Save This Date – Preparing for Open Enrollment 2015

Open enrollment for 2014 has ended, but that does not mean that people cannot prepare for the 2015 open enrollment period.

When Will the 2015 Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Start

Open enrollment for 2015 will not start until November 15, 2014. On this day, people will be able to use an insurance marketplace to shop for insurance plans through various insurance companies.

Even though open enrollment begins on November 15th, insurance coverage will not begin until January 1, 2015. Individuals who sign up for health insurance early will not have to pay for any month in which they do not receive coverage. In this case, payment will be required for January even if you sign up in November.

Open enrollment is scheduled to last until January 15, 2015. Dates are subject to change.

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