Should I Buy the Water Line Insurance Offered By My Utility Company?

Should I Buy the Water Line Insurance Offered By My Utility Company?

The water lines that connect your home to the sewer system normally go unnoticed until they begin to pose a problem. They can begin to leak slowly or burst abruptly, leaving you with no water pressure and no idea who to talk to to get them fixed. You will need to call the utility company to figure out what is wrong with the pipes, but it will probably be up to you to find a way to pay for the repairs.

Getting an Effective Water Line Coverage Policy

Your homeowners’ policy will not cover any of the water pipes leading to or from your house. This means you will be paying for it out of your own pocket. Most water companies, however, offer their customers water line coverage for a small monthly premium. The coverage they offer will take care of the pipes from the point where they enter your home to the very edge of your physical property. When you buy water line coverage from your utility company, it is added to your monthly bill, so everything is paid for at one time.

Is Water Line Coverage From Your Utility Company Worth It?

The coverage offered by the utility company is more of a warranty than an insurance policy. This means that a third party will more than likely be the one fixing the problem. If you have a newer home, it is unlikely that you will need a line repaired anytime soon. The situation changes when your home starts to age, and you don’t know how old your plumbing and piping actually is. To find out if it is cost-effective for you, you will need to talk to your insurance agent.

The bottom line comes down to finding out how old your water pipes are and what your utility company offers you in terms of protection. For some, the coverage offered by your utility company is more than sufficient to cover your costs. For others, it may be a good idea to work with your own insurance agent to find a better deal.

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