Know How to Handle Your Child’s Sport-Related Concussion

Know How to Handle Your Child’s Sport-Related Concussion

Learn how to deal with your child’s sport-related concussion.

As your kids continue to get settled into the new school year, it’s time for fall sports season to heat up. From soccer to football, be prepared for all your kids’ games. Ensure that they’re ready to play with plenty of water and nutritious snacks. However, with any sport, comes to the risk of injury; know what to do when your child is injured, and check out what you need to know about sport-related concussions.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is an injury to the brain caused by a blow to the head. While many are mild and clear up in a couple of weeks, concussions can be extremely serious, resulting in permanent brain damage. Due to the nature of contact sports, concussions are not an uncommon occurrence when out on the field, rink, or court. Even a small bump can turn into a serious problem. Be vigilant of your child’s head injuries so that you can keep them healthy and safe.

Symptoms of a concussion.

Because a concussion is an internal injury, it’s important to keep a watchful on your child after any trauma to the head. If you notice that your child has any of these symptoms after head trauma, get medical attention as soon as possible. Look out for any signs of confusion, headaches or pressure, nausea, vision issues, cognitive delay, dizziness, or any other symptoms related to brain function. As a general rule, if your child is acting out of the ordinary or complaining of feeling sick after a bump on the head, seek medical attention.

What to if your child has a concussion.

After getting hit on the field, it’s important that you take your child out of the game, assess their condition, and get medical attention as soon as possible. Your child’s doctor can then advise on the proper care plan for your child.

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