Engage in Springtime Fun with These Spring Inspired Kid Crafts

Engage in Springtime Fun with These Spring Inspired Kid Crafts

Celebrate the coming of Spring with these kid-friendly crafts!

Springtime brings longer days and family fun. Take the opportunity to celebrate the new season with these arts and crafts ideas. They’re good fun for the whole family.

Bunny Ears.

Springtime is a time full of life and cute baby animals. Celebrate by making bunny ears with your child. Have your children cut out ears from stiff felt, but be sure to include a part for the inner ear too. Glue them as they are or let your children decorate and then attach them to a headband with a glue gun. Just be cautious and always have adult supervision.

Egg Decorating.

Whether you choose to dye, paint, or add stickers to your eggs, be sure have fun. Eggs are the perfect symbol of spring and decorating eggs is great fun. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to have fun!

Spring Time Goodie Bag.

Every kid loves a treat every once and a while and spring is the perfect time to indulge! Spend time with your kids decorating brown paper bags. Use markers, crayons, stickers, paint, or whatever else they choose to use. Wait until your kids aren’t around and then fill their paper bags with all sorts of goodies.

Clothespin Butterflies.

This cute and easy craft is perfect for Spring! Start by making the wings. Using colorful baking cups, take two and fold them in half twice. Have your little ones decorate a clothespin, or the body, and voilà, you have your butterfly. Just be sure to attach the wings. Decorate your home or even use it to keep snack bags closed.

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