Spring Maintenance for Your Home

Spring Maintenance for Your Home

With the coming of a new season and warmer temperatures, it is time for spring cleaning and spring maintenance for your home.

Spring cleaning is the term used to describe a thorough house cleaning. Often the timing of such an endeavor coincides with the return of greenery and sunshine, and begins with the opening of windows. As fresh air wafts through the home, appliances are scoured, surfaces are dusted, mirrors are shined, carpets are deep cleaned, rugs are beaten, and winter clothing is stored. Outdoors, the house is power-washed, window glass becomes sparkling and clear, and the garage is swept out and organized.

When it comes to the mechanics of the home, spring maintenance is necessary to check that everything is working properly. It is important to have a professional check the A/C and the foundation of your home. You can inspect the roofs and gutters on your own. Because warmer weather is necessary to do these jobs, plan to seal the deck in early Spring and prepare the soil on your property for planting trees, shrubs, and for gardening.

Spring is the perfect time to check out your basement and attic.  Make sure that your hot water heater is in good working order and inspect your basement for any signs of leakage. Springtime brings rain and storms, and flooding should be avoided at all costs. You will want to check for leaks and be proactive in repairs before the wet weather is upon us.

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