Stay Safe On The Roads With These Winter Driving Tips

Stay Safe On The Roads With These Winter Driving Tips

Keeping yourself and your family safe while driving the roads is extremely important when the winter storms arrive to your area. Road conditions change drastically before a driver can react. Ice, sleet, freezing rain and snow extremely hamper the visibility of the driver as they can lose control of their vehicle, causing serious accidents.

Here are several tips you can follow when you are driving in the snow. Take care to always listen to the weather reports and if you can stay off the roads during extreme weather conditions, please do so.

1. Prepare your vehicle for the winter. Keep the gas tank filled and brush snow off of your windshield wipers so you have the best visibility of the road. Ensure your tires are properly inflated and place on snow chains for extra traction. Stow away emergency flares, a cell phone and blankets in your vehicle so you can obtain help if you get stuck.

2. Leave extra distance between yourself and other vehicles. Having more room gives you the opportunity to stop your vehicle on slippery conditions so you don’t accidentally plow into the vehicle in front of you in case they suddenly stop.

3. Never warm up your vehicle in an enclosed garage. Carbon monoxide can build up quickly, endangering a person’s health. Always warm up the car in a ventilated area and never leave children unattended inside the vehicle.

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