Which Add-on Policies Should You Consider for Your Homeowners’ Insurance?

Your basic homeowners’ insurance covers all of the most basic perils, but it may lack covering a few extras. Know what perils are listed in your policy and which ones are not. Your insurance agent has supplemental policies that you can purchase if you need a little extra coverage to make sure you are fully Read More

Choosing the Right Type and the Right Amount of Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners’ insurance policies take many forms and can be purchased in different amounts depending on how you want to protect your possessions. You will need to know the types of perils your property may be vulnerable to. Find out the natural disasters that often occur in your area. It’s also important to appraise any items Read More

Mistakes You Must Avoid While Buying Homeowners Insurance

Unlike auto insurance coverage, homeowners insurance is optional in the U.S., and some homeowners treat it as such. More specifically, while 85% of American homeowners have home insurance, most of these policyholders are obliged by their mortgage companies to carry it, as reported by the Insurance Information Institute. Because of their reluctance to purchase a Read More