What are Your Health Insurance Options?

In the past, health insurance coverage was a voluntary decision people made according to their personal interest and need. Beginning 2014, health coverage will be mandatory under Obamacare legislation. By knowing your options for individual health insurance coverage, you can choose the health plan best suited for your needs. Under Obamacare, you have a choice of Read More

Haven’t Enrolled for Health Insurance on the Exchange Yet? You Still Have Time!

The health insurance exchange opened on October 1st, giving people access to insurance like never before. But, the problems with the government’s website has caused no end of troubles for those trying to create an account and browse the available policies. Now the White House has extended the open enrollment period from December 31, 2013 Read More

Sources for Health and Injury Medical Expenses, Other Than Your Health Insurance

If you have ever gone to an emergency room then the clerk asking you if your injury was work or accident related most likely puzzled you. This is a very common question because if you answer yes, your health insurance is not going to pay the bill. If you were in an auto crash then Read More

Skin Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer prevention is an important part of staying healthy in sunnier climates. It is also important for people who live in cloudier or cooler climates to not neglect their skin just because their exposure seems minimal. Taking some simple steps can help protect your skin and your overall health. 1. Wear sunscreen. Use sunscreen Read More

Health Insurance: Finding the right Coverage for you

Everyone has different health care needs, and finding the right policy or learning about specific types of health insurance plans can be a daunting task. Contacting a reputable insurance agent to discuss your individual needs will help you make an informed decision. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have about Read More