What is Covered by Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health?

If your business operates in the USA and you have one or more employees, you must obtain OH Workers’ Compensation. This way, you’ll be prepared with insurance coverage if one of your employees is wounded while working. Every new hire wants to know the details of your Workers’ Compensation plan and what issues are covered. Read More

4 Ways in Which Exercise Benefits Your Mental Health

Exercise is essential for good health, but it does more than strengthen the body and improve circulation. Regular exercise also helps improve mental clarity and can even help you fight depression. While many people only associate exercise with physical health and well-being, studies have proven without a doubt that it also improves mental and emotional Read More

How to Stay Informed Without Compromising Your Mental Health

Ever since the COVID- 19 outbreak, we are surrounded by negative news. Whether you watch TV or scroll through your social media feed, there’s a high chance of exposing yourself to high levels of anxiety and stress through the news. Here are 4 ways to protect your mental health while still staying informed: 1. Pay Read More