When Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance Necessary?

Knowing when you need workers’ comp insurance can be tricky since each state has its own laws. Most states require some type of coverage to be purchased to ensure that your employees are protected. The amounts, however, may vary. Deadlines for filing claims may be different from state to state as well. Know the Laws Read More

Things You Need to Know About Startup Business Insurance

Even if you are just a startup, you need business insurance to recover from any potential crisis and get back on your feet. It will help you stay afloat as you work towards building a full-fledged company and develop a scalable business model. What Kind of Business Insurance Do You Need? It is important to Read More

Keep Your Employees Safe from Winter Slips & Falls with These Tips

Learn how to protect your commercial property from winter weather hazards. Winter weather brings plenty of snow and ice. As a commercial property owner, it’s important that you take the necessary measures to protect your employees and visitors from any winter weather hazards. Protect your employees from any winter-related slips and falls with the right Read More

Evaluate Your Risk When it Comes to Your Business’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Determine your risk and invest in enough workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees. When it comes to your employees, you want to do everything in your power to keep them safe on the job. However, sometimes, accidents happen, and an injury can’t be avoided. Workers’ compensation, however, gives your employees the financial assistance that Read More

Workers Compensation Insurance 101

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that is required by law for all employers to obtain. Since accidents are inevitable, each employer must obtain a workers’ compensation policy to protect their employees. In the event that an employee is injured, they will receive benefits for any pain and suffering. The injured employee’s medical expenses Read More

Follow These Workplace Safety Tips to Help Maintain a Safe Work Environment

Work place safety is an important part of being employed or owning a company. Here are some workplace safety tips to help you minimize accidents during the work day. Keeping Your Employees Safe During the Day Keep the walk ways clear and free from trip hazards. Trip hazards are a big cause of worker compensation Read More