3 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely and On A Smaller Scale This Year

3 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving Safely and On A Smaller Scale This Year

In the U.S., Thanksgiving holidays typically entail family members, including distant and immediate, coming together to celebrate. Unfortunately, the National Safety Council records more injuries on Thanksgiving than other days, thanks to a wary atmosphere created by overindulgence in alcohol. However, because of the current COVID-19 restrictions, this is unlikely to be the norm this year.
Keeping this in mind, here are three ways to celebrate thanksgiving safely and on a smaller scale this year.

1. Carry Packed Food

A lot of cooking happens on Thanksgiving Day, with turkeys being the number one item on the menu. As per estimates made in 2019, adult Americans spent an average of $186.05 on food on Thanksgiving Day, as was reported by USA Today.

Since most likely you won’t be able to host a big get-together this year, consider cooking a small portion of food and carry it to your favorite park or your preferred spot. You can also plan to spend your Thanksgiving with just one other person, drive to a scenic location, and share a meal while seated on your car seats!

2. Purchase a Few Turkey Slices

On average, nearly 46 million turkeys are eaten during the Thanksgiving holidays, as reported by the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association. If you intend to have Thanksgiving dinner with your close-knit family, buying turkey slices will be more appropriate than purchasing a whole turkey, which may end up in the dustbin.

3. Order Cooked Food

Every year, the U.S. Fire Department receives at least 1,000 distress calls relating to turkey fryer fires. This shows just how dangerous cooking with fryers can be if you aren’t careful. Therefore, consider ordering food from a local business and stay safe this Thanksgiving.

Use these Thanksgiving dinner ideas to keep your family safe and minimize food wastage this year. Additionally, purchase home insurance coverage. For further assistance with your homeowners insurance policy, contact the experts at Steve Wilk Insurance. Our new office is at 310 S Main Street, Suite C, Lombard, IL 60148.