The 5 Best Ways to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

The 5 Best Ways to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Theft of catalytic converters is on the rise everywhere. This anti-pollution gadget may be stolen in a matter of minutes, and thieves can sell it for several hundred dollars to scrap metal merchants in exchange for its precious metals. Up to $3,000 can be spent to replace a stolen catalytic converter.

  1. Check Your Make and Model

    Thieves frequently target trucks and SUVs because it is simple to slide under the car rather than jack it up. Thieves may occasionally unbolt the catalytic converter, but more frequently, they use a battery-powered saw to cut the connecting pipes. You can also receive information on targeted vehicles in your area by calling a reputable neighborhood muffler shop.

  2. Paint Your Catalytic Converter

    Before adding your vehicle’s license plate to the painted surface, it is advised to paint your catalytic converter with a high-temperature fluorescent orange paint similar to those used on grills. Because of its traceability, a credible scrap metal dealer might decide not to buy it, at least in principle.

  3. Set an Alarm or Camera

    Your car alarm can be more sensitive to sound when robbers bump into your vehicle. Other alarms that may be utilized include those that would sound when the car was tilted, like when it was raised on jacks. A dash camera with motion detection can also record the license plate of the getaway vehicle or alert you to a theft in progress. Investing in motion-activated lights is another safety measure.

  4. Install an Anti-Theft Device

    Another effective method of preventing theft is to spend money on anti-theft measures like steel shields or cages made of rebar that fit over catalytic converters. A catalytic converter replacement is substantially more expensive than purchasing an anti-theft device. A steel shield that fits over the catalytic converter can also be installed, albeit removing it takes time and additional tools. Another approach is to utilize high-strength steel cages that are challenging to cut, such as those made of rebar.

  5. Check Your Car Insurance

    Auto component theft is covered under comprehensive insurance. You are protected minus your deductible if you have full coverage, including liability insurance, collision insurance, and comprehensive insurance that will repair or replace your vehicle. Usually, if you have a loan or lease, it is necessary. Consider lowering your deductible if your car is particularly vulnerable to catalytic converter theft. Remember that if you merely have liability insurance, you are not protected against theft.

Always Stay Protected with Steve Wilk Insurance

Your insurance company will help you file a claim if you suspect your catalytic converter has been stolen. Contact the police to report the theft first. In most cases, comprehensive coverage will cover the loss. To find a car insurance policy that provides comprehensive coverage, contact our insurance experts at Steve Wilk Insurance.

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