The Life Stages of Insurance

The Life Stages of Insurance


When you grow up and move out, get married, and have children, your specific insurance needs will change. As you go through life’s stages, choose the policies that provide enough coverage to protect you in the event of an accident or surprise.

Single and Loving It

When you’re on your own for the first time, you’ll need policies that cover your car, your health, your possessions, and your life. Life insurance premiums are lower the younger you are, but the premiums for auto insurance tend to be higher, especially if you have a flashy car or a history of accidents.

Marriage or Partnership

Once you get married or find a domestic partner, it’s time to start thinking "what’s yours is mine." Sharing a policy on your vehicles might mean a lower premium each month compared to having two separate policies. When you have a spouse or partner, it’s time to seriously think about a life insurance policy, to protect one partner in case something happens to the other.

Children Arrive

Having kids means making other changes to your lifestyle, such as trading your trendy coupe or sedan for a reliable mini-van, which also typically means a lower insurance premium. It also means checking to make sure your life insurance policy provides adequate cover to care for your family if something happens to either parent.

Empty Nest

Health insurance needs can change dramatically once you hit your golden years. At age 65, you qualify for Medicare insurance, as well as any plans offered by your employer.

No matter what life stage you find yourself in, contact Steve Wilk Insurance in the Lombard, IL, area to find the policies that meet your needs.