The Top 4 Things You Need to Hoard In the Event of an Emergency

The Top 4 Things You Need to Hoard In the Event of an Emergency

Unfortunately, there is not a single place in the world that is immune to a natural or manmade disaster. Past events such as Super storm Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, the Northridge, CA earthquake, the 2004 tsunami, the history making 2011 tornados, and 9/11 are all reminders that an emergency can happen at any time and without warning.  Preparing for disaster is not something most of us want to think about let alone do. However, for your survival it must be done.


The human body cannot survive more than a few days without water. If you do not have the space to hoard water, then you should invest in Chlorine dioxide tables (assuming you live near a source of water – river, stream, snow) follow the directions on the bottle to purify the water so it is drinkable.


The human body can go for a much longer period without food. However, no one wants to feel weak and dizzy because they have no food. Items such as protein bars, prepared protein shakes, peanut butter, crackers, and canned foods that do not need to be cooked should be stocked piled should be included in your emergency supplies.

Light and Communication Sources  

Without electricity, you will not have a TV and this prevents you from knowing what is going on and cell phone batteries do not last that long. You need to stock up on flashlights and batteries and purchase a hand crank radio this will allow you to hear the emergency broadcasts and most of these radios come with a cell phone charger.


You should stock up on fuel whether it is for running a generator for heat, cooking, or driving your car. You can store several 5 gallon approved gas cans at room temperate for several months. Do not store them in your home you will need a separate building (such as a shed) where there is nothing that can ignite the fuel including hot temperatures.

Wood is also a necessary type of fuel that can be used as a heat source in a fireplace. You can also build a campfire to cook with in a contained area away from your home.

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