Things That Skyrocket Life Insurance Costs

Things That Skyrocket Life Insurance Costs

When you help provide for a child, partner, or parent, life insurance is a necessary expense. While life insurance is cheap as far as insurance goes, there are a few lifestyle factors that can send your premiums soaring, some of which you can change if keeping costs down is a major priority.

Health Issues

Of those things that can increase health insurance costs, health issues are the most difficult to overcome. Although heart problems, cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes and asthma raise your rates, as long as you take medication that keeps levels under control, you’ll score a good premium.

The major exception is depression. Being medicated for depressive disorders typically increases rates, due to risk of self-harm.

Non-Health Issues

Though it requires a major life change, non-health issues are easier to eliminate.

Quit using tobacco or drugs to qualify for better rates after a few years of being substance free. Lose weight to increase life expectancy and lower premiums. Keep a clean driving record to lower your risk of death by auto accident. Give up a dangerous job or hobby, which keep rates high.

Life insurance is meant to insure your life, not to inhibit it. So, live as you want to live, with the knowledge that some habits are more expensive to insure than others.

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