Tips to Protect Your Pets During Summer

Tips to Protect Your Pets During Summer

As a pet owner, you need to ensure that your pet does not suffer from heat exhaustion this summer. Though your pet insurance may cover you for medical emergencies, you can avoid such health scares by following a few simple steps.

Provide Them Plenty of Water

Always keep your pet’s bowls filled with water. You can also keep your pets cool by turning on your sprinklers or hosing them down. If your pet’s breed is susceptible to overheating, leave cooling pads around the house and dab its paws and neck with a wet towel.

Avoid Sunlight When Outdoors

While outdoors, make sure your pet avoids exposure to direct sunlight. Avoid going for walks in the afternoon, or your dog can burn its paws on the asphalt. Do not leave your pet in your car for long periods. The temperature inside the car can increase despite leaving the windows open, increasing the risk of heatstrokes.

Give Them Frozen Treats

Look online for some easy recipes of frozen treats for your pets or get some pet-friendly ice cream treats. Always check the ingredients to see whether they are toxic for your pet. Alternatively, you can play fetch with ice cubes.

Do Not Tire Them Out

Avoid playing endless games of fetch or taking your dog to marathons. They may tire themselves out in the heat and can get seriously sick. For active pets, you can try teaching them tricks indoors to keep them busy.

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