Check Out How You Can Reduce Your Seasonal Allergies With These Tips

Check Out How You Can Reduce Your Seasonal Allergies With These Tips

These tips will help to ease your allergy symptoms to have you feeling better in no time!

Pollen is in the air, and seasonal allergies have returned! From itchy eyes to runny noses, your allergy symptoms are uncomfortable. Be sure to reduce your symptoms this season with these allergy prevention tips.

Keep your home pollen-free.

When you go about your day you’re exposed to pollen. It sticks to you, and it comes into your home along with you. But, all this pollen can aggravate your allergies. Make sure to take off your shoes at the door and change clothes when you come home. It will help to reduce the spread of allergy irritants throughout your home.

Filter your air.

Despite all your efforts to lessen the pollen in your home, particles still get through. Make sure to invest in an air filter to help keep pollen out of your home. While most air filters should help, it’s better to look for a high-efficiency particulate air filter. These air filters reduce the dust mites, mold spores, pollen, and pet dander in your home.

Stay indoors.

Before you decide to venture outside, be sure to check the pollen count in your area. The higher the pollen count, the greater your risk of an allergy attack. Make sure you’re prepared and that you stay inside on days with high pollen counts. If you must go outside, be sure to wear a mask.

Dehumidify your air.

Moist air is a problem when it comes to mold spores. The less humid your air, the less likely you’ll be to have allergy symptoms. Invest in an air dehumidifier to help alleviate your symptoms. Keep in mind that the humidity level should be below 60 percent to help ease your allergies.

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