What are Your Health Insurance Options?

What are Your Health Insurance Options?

In the past, health insurance coverage was a voluntary decision people made according to their personal interest and need. Beginning 2014, health coverage will be mandatory under Obamacare legislation. By knowing your options for individual health insurance coverage, you can choose the health plan best suited for your needs.

Under Obamacare, you have a choice of purchasing your health plan from an exchange or on the free market. Healthcare exchanges offer a wide range of plans at different prices to meet people’s individual needs. They also offer credits to individuals with lower annual income to facilitate paying for health coverage.

If your income does not qualify you for low cost insurance plans from an exchange, you can seek alternative insurance coverage options on the free market. 

If you already have health coverage, you can continue with your current plan, if the plan continues to be offered, or you can purchase an updated plan offering health reform benefits with the same insurance carrier.

If you currently have Medicare or Medicaid, you can continue with these programs to meet your health insurance requirements. 

For more information on health coverage options in Illinois and what plans are offered by Illinois exchanges, contact Steve Wilk Insurance