What Does A Typical Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

What Does A Typical Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?

If you’re a new homeowner, you’ll need to learn the basics of homeowners insurance. Once you own a house, finding the right homeowners insurance policy is important because it protects you and your property.

Your Home’s Structure 

You homeowner’s insurance policy will pay for repair if your home is damaged in the event of a fire, hurricane, lightening or other natural disaster. There are some disasters, like earthquakes, that are not covered by a standard homeowners policy. Ask your agent if your home is at high risk for one of these uncovered disasters. If so, you may find it beneficial to pay for additional insurance coverage.

Personal Property

The items in your home, less the deductible, are covered under a standard homeowners insurance policy. In some cases, very valuable items must be scheduled separately on a policy in order to be covered.

Cost Of Living

If your home is damaged by a covered disaster, like a fire, your homeowners insurance policy will cover your cost of living expenses (if you must pay to live elsewhere as your home is being fixed).


If a guest is injured on your property, your homeowners insurance will protect you from liability. 

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